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Hi, I’m Ian Chew.

As a content strategist, I work with world class entrepreneurs including 6, 7-figure agency founders and a former Clinton House speechwriter. I have helped develop content that got over 6 million cumulative views in less than 18 months — including an Inc. article that was shared 200,000+ times:


On the side, I have spearheaded quality, impactful online content projects, including coauthoring a book used to train over 10,000 talents in Microsoft, Intel and other organizations, and a visual journalism project that got me on major media outlets. Out of my recent exploits, I co-created the largest learning community in the world dedicated to learning how to learn (26,000+ members.)


“Ian is a proven leader and innovative thinker: he has the kind of profile that would rival people 10 years his senior. Ian is driven by purpose and would be a valuable contributor to any purpose-driven organization or conference. His efforts have played a large role in our success.”

Kyle HillTeach For Canada cofounder, former Boston Consulting Group project leader, Rhodes Scholar

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Ian Chew is currently a director/consultant at Empact, a firm specializing in entrepreneurship programs and events, notably Empact Showcase at the White House, US Chamber of Commerce and United Nations. Before that, he was the director of product development at Thriving Talents, a HR training firm with clients from SMEs to Fortune 100s (GE, Microsoft, Intel).

For his work and projects, he has interviewed over 700 people from more than 20 countries in three years, including homeless people on the streets and millionaire entrepreneurs. Ian has been mentioned in Fortune, TIME, Forbes, Entrepreneur, and Business Insider, as well as featured in Inc. MagazineCanadian Geographic, CBC, and Global TV News Maritimes.

A believer in giving, Ian regularly coaches and mentors young entrepreneurs.

He also successfully climbed Mount Allison* on a full Malaysian government scholarship.

*Not an actual mountain, but a top Canadian undergraduate university.