Are you a successful entrepreneur?

Now here’s the thing. You are ambitious. You work hard. You are often celebrated for your accomplishments.

But rarely people see the other side of the story.  You might be going through one or more of the following things:

  • Things are falling apart in your business (e.g. low cashflow)
  • You are dealing with people issues (the wrong hire, etc.)
  • You are stressed physically and mentally; you’re burning out and barely get enough sleep
  • You’ve fallen into an emotional funk, and you don’t know how to get yourself out of it (sometimes)

Look. I’m not a strategy coach. If you have a strategy issue, I’m the wrong guy (happy to recommend you another coach). But here’s what I can solve for you that most other coaches can’t:

I help you see what you know you should be doing but aren’t for one reason or another.  In just one call, I get you to have massive clarity so that you solve the issue you’re facing. On top of that, I’m going to listen to you 100% and give you a safe, confidential space to share anything you want.

You won’t get this anywhere else… What are the other options?

  • You can get a friend or a team staff member listen to you, but it won’t work nearly as well. Why? A) They won’t want to hurt your feelings, and won’t share with you the real truth of things. B) they are biased (nothing wrong with that — it’s human nature, after all) and won’t be able to tell what you need to hear.
  • Another coach? Well, I’ll be frank: most business coaches might know strategy, but few can listen long enough without telling you “you should do XYZ and think ABC”. I’m not saying that they aren’t smart or inferior, necessarily. But to discover and address the root cause of the problems you have, you need a whole different kind of coach…

What you need instead is an expert listener who is patient and non-judgmental, to draw out patterns in your thinking and feelings, and then to give you that ‘a-ha!’ moment. That’s where the clarity comes from.

Why me? My work and projects include listening to seven hundred over strangers from all walks of life (including multimillion-dollar entrepreneurs) in three years. They end up telling the rawest of their stories to me… usually in less than 30 minutes.

Don’t take my word for it. Here’s what others have said about my coaching:


“In my experience organizing events with billionaire entrepreneurs, university presidents, congressmen, senators, philanthropists, and educators, Ian stands out… 1) His listening without judgment, helping me to completely open up – which I found it hard to do with most other people. 2) His knack to address my underlying thoughts and emotions, which gave me huge clarity in business.”

Photo Shape Editor:

— Michael Simmons
Founder of a multimillion-dollar company
and a 6-figure media company

“Over the past 10 years as an entrepreneur, I’ve read countless books and been appealed to by so many business coaches. The problem with most advice is that it comes to you canned and confident. Everyone loves to give advice and they usually think they know the answers before they’ve even heard the full problem.

Ian is different. Ian knows you have the answers and that they will come to you if you have the space to think about them in the right way. He has a knack of getting to the root of the challenge and listening without judgment, so that you shift your perspective and walk away with insights that seem obvious in retrospect. You’re carrying the answers around; Ian helps you see them.”

Photo Shape Editor:

— Sheena Lindahl
Empact co-founder, Inc. 30 Under 30,
featured in USA Today, CBS, NBC, ABC

“When I was struggling with potential changes in my career path, I was particularly impressed by how Ian cleared my doubts, got to the root of the problem and gave feedback. At such a young age, Ian has an unmatched ability to care, empathize and understand how relationships work. I highly recommend anyone to get in touch with Ian for help with coaching!”

Photo Shape Editor:

Chip Dong Lim
Founder at CarinMED, AIGA & UX Awards Winner

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