Bring Your Content To The Next Level 

Two questions I have for you:

  • Are you’re busy, successful entrepreneur or professional?
  • Do you create content for yourself and/or for others?

If you answered yes to both, does this sound like you…

  • Your content doesn’t reflect the true value of what you do in business
  • Your content is always never the best you want it to be
  • You don’t have time or patience to refine what you write

By not creating high quality content, you lose credibility in your readers’ eyes, you also put your business reputation at risk. Average content = average business. Worse still, your content becomes a huge money and time waster!

Well, I’m here for you. I work with 6 to 7 figure entrepreneurs and agency founders research and edit their content in prestigious business publications and their own platforms, across audiences of millions.

I am taking on a selective number of clients for online content projects (not more than 10-12 a year). I specialize in the following areas of online content:

  • Editing: Polishing your content to make it world class — especially when it comes to your ideas
  • Research: Finding and selecting the best sources to 10x your content’s credibility

People I Have Worked With Include:

Photo Shape Editor:

“I’ve worked with Ian a number of times, and he is consistently reliable, creative and incredibly diligent. What impressed me even more was he constantly delivered on time and beyond expectations. He does great work and I recommend him highly.”

John Corcoran,  former Clinton White House Writer, cofounder of Rise25, an exclusive retreat, coaching and mastermind community for growth-focused 6, 7 and 8 figure entrepreneurs

Photo Shape Editor:“Ian is a brilliant editor, always full of ideas, suggestions and ways to help. Always there ready to deliver value, he truly cares about what you’re working on, and he feels a sense of honor to be a part of the project. If you’re looking for someone to dedicate onto a specific project, time after time, Ian Chew will always be the person to turn to.”

Leonard Kimmanaging partner of InfluenceTree, named Top Marketing Influencer by Forbes and Top Digital / Youth Marketer by Inc. 

Photo Shape Editor:
“Ian helped me with a research project for my business — he was spot on with his analysis, and was awesome when communicating throughout our working together. I would recommend him to other entrepreneurs.”

— Scott Oldford, founder of Infinitus, a multimillion-dollar marketing agency that helps six and seven figure entrepreneurs grow their business by using online marketing funnels


“Ian is the kind of person most people dream about working with! He learns very quickly, is open to feedback, has great ideas, takes ownership, and constantly goes the extra mile! He is driven by integrity, authenticity, and purpose, and I’ve come to depend on him in a very short amount of time. I look forward to lots of collaboration in the coming years.”

— Michael Simmons, serial social entrepreneur, bestselling author, Fortune, Forbes, Inc., Entrepreneur contributor

ryan crop“Ian helped edit my ebook that is the linchpin of my business, and I was very impressed by the quality of his work as well as the depth of his insights to improve my writing. His professionalism and enthusiasm made the whole process of working together easy and fun. Any entrepreneur who’s serious about content should hire him.”

 Ryan Foland, Partner at Influencetree, Named Top Digital Youth Marketer by Inc. & Top Personal Branding Expert by Entrepreneur
Interested to work with me? Send me an email ianchew.x at to see if we might be the right fit for each other.